We are on-call experts for content creators, organizations, production companies, and agencies that deliver value for public investment. Our work helps artists connect with audiences, and communities connect with culture. Our straightforward approach is prompt, within budget and effective. 

Fall 2019:

  • Handful of Films second In Concert project is available for the orchestral stage starting February 2020.

  • Two clients are creating Digital Strategies with support from a three member Special Team.

  • Instant Entourage has two teams supporting artists as they develop new recording and film projects.

  • Sounding Board is a new service offering clients one-on-one, confidential expert access. (In Development)


The Arts Firm associates have a solid history helping creators, organizations and agencies succeed and grow. Some of the creators and organizations we have led, assisted or advised include:



Erika Beatty is without a doubt one of the most dynamic, forward thinking and goal oriented persons I have ever worked with. Erika tackles challenges and issues head on. She gets things done. A strong leader and a team builder, she is extremely well respected and admired by those she works with. Erika inspires others to excel and strive for excellence by the example she sets in everything she does.
— Pierre Lamoureux, Senior Producer & Director FogoLabs (Montreal & NYC)
Erika is one of the most capable people I have ever worked with. In addition to being on top of her role in whatever capacity she is working, she has a great way with people, and is able to bring out the best in her team.
— Laura Bruce, Marketing & PR strategist,Radio Presenter & Stand-up Comedian (Inverness, United Kingdom)
Erika inspires as a leader and a mentor. She believes in the people she hires and gives them the freedom and support to achieve and surpass their goals. Working with Erika was a fantastic experience that allowed me a lot of professional growth.
— Jill McTiernan-Meyers, District Coordinator at The Canadian Cancer Society