Working closely with The Arts Firm, selected Handful of Films television series are adapted for live performance with orchestra, choir, and film projection. These award-winning, internationally broadcast, dramatic documentaries connect with audiences of all ages, and have been successfully presented on a range of concert series including pops, late-night classics, rush-hour series, as well as weekend and family matinees. 

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EPIC MADE EASY: Concert Packages Include...

  • all music rights and rentals

  • outreach plan and publicity assistance

  • alternate versions for full or half concert

  • click track and headphones for all orchestra musicians

  • services of conductor, narrator and technical director

  • all playback equipment and related hardware

The GREAT Human Odyssey: In Concert


The Award-winning "story of us" is now an unforgettable concert event

For orchestra with choir, film, conductor and narrator

Four-time Canadian Screen Award nominee, and winner of “Best Science & Nature Documentary” and “Best Original Music”, The Great Human Odyssey was described by the Canada’s Globe & Mail as “part eye-popping nature documentary, part anthropology… stunning!”

Broadcast in Canada (CBC premiere September 2015), the US (PBS - NOVA) and more than 20 countries internationally. Nominated for an Emmy Award in 2016. The Great Human Odyssey in Concert takes the audience on a journey of discovery in the footsteps of our human ancestors, and unlocks the mystery of our unlikely survival and miraculous emergence as the world’s only global species.

WATCH Series Trailer (2 min).

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TECHNICAL RIDER: as of July 2018 (PDF)

SAMPLE PROGRAM NOTES: © 2016 by D.T. Baker and the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

Equus: In Concert

"A Canadian jewel - the most acclaimed documentary series of the year and the recipient of three Canadian Screen Awards."

Broadcasting now in Canada (CBC), in the USA (PBS Nature and Nova), GERMANY (ZDF TerraX), FRANCE (Arte), DENMARK (DR2), and KAZAKHSTAN.

2019 Sundance Festival: Short Films: Winner Special Jury Awards for Directing FAST HORSE / Canada (Director and screenwriter: Alexandra Lazarowich)

Winner of 3 2019 Canadian Screen Awards:

- Best Science or Nature Documentary Program

- Best Original Music, Non-Fiction (Darren Fung)

- Best Photography, Documentary or Factual (Daron Donahue, aAron Munson)

2019 Sundance Festival: Short Films

Winner Special Jury Awards for Directing FAST HORSE / Canada (Director and screenwriter: Alexandra Lazarowich)

An intelligent and beautiful celebration of the deep evolutionary fellowship between horses and humans.

Ever since the mysterious origins of our extraordinary partnership, horses have shaped the human world. We are heirs today to six millennia of horsepower. It’s no surprise that when the world’s brainiest biped climbed atop the world’s greatest land-runner, that union rapidly changed the planet. At the speed of a horse, human cultures achieved new reach, as horses conquered distance and knit the world together. But what are the origins of this remarkable animal, and how have humans shaped Equus caballus to our needs, creating the 350 breeds we know today?

Equus rejoins the story of the human odyssey at a critical juncture for our species, when we harnessed horsepower to create a globalized world and embarks on a fascinating new journey to explore the horse-human relationship. Over two years of filming, Thompson will take his audience inside groundbreaking new discoveries on the biology of the horse, visit still-intact horse cultures around the planet, and bring the earliest horse riders alive in stunning recreations.

This new documentary mini-series from Niobe Thompson and the Clearwater Documentary with original music by Darren Fung is broadcast in Canada on CBC The Nature of Things and around the world on PBS Nature, ZDF, and Arte.

SERIES Website — 2 minute SERIES Trailer

LISTEN TO SOUNDTRACK - Darren Fung (composer / conductor) with orchestra and choir


TECHNICAL RIDER (updated February 2019)

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Nova Scotia Society for Public Broadcasting

In 2017, the research study entitled: The Time Is Now: A Nova Scotia Public Broadcaster outlined the need and potential for a Public Educational Broadcaster for the province. In 2018 the volunteer board continues to develop government awareness and support of this new initiative.

Conferences, Meetings and Events

  • May 30 to June 1, 2018: We facilitated the open board working session on digital strategy to initiate the conference on Wednesday morning. 

  • June 12 to 15, 2018: We were in Chicago for the League of America Orchestras annual conference to meet orchestras successfully using compelling stories and images to engage new audiences of all ages. We will continue to listen for the issues and opportunities that creative organizations are anticipating, and to work with those who are creating strategies and tools to meet any challenges head on.