We listen. We analyze. We share. We get ideas off the ground. 

We ready our clients philosophically, strategically and organizationally to make good decisions.

Special Team

You define the problem or the opportunity that needs quick, expert knowledge. We scope the work, source the team and deliver results.

i.e. Governance, Strategy, Events, Fundraising Campaigns, Advocacy, Crisis Communications.


You normally work best alone or with a few others. But for this gig, you need a solid squad who has your back while you scale up and safely take on risk.

i.e. Creative Direction, Film or Music Production, Promotional and Social Media Support.

Sounding Board

Scheduled voice or video calls with a confidential advisor you can trust to keep it on the down low as you mull over thorny issues you aren’t ready to share with your team, your boss, or your board.

i.e. Starting a new position? Prepping for a challenging meeting? Framing out a grant application? Confidential feedback on a new idea?


  • Connecting artists with collaborators and producers

  • Networks and strategies to reach the world or bring it home

  • Mentoring and online support


  • On-boarding and tactical support for leaders and directors

  • Responsive, innovative and focused organizations

  • Capital projects and program transformation

  • Interim ED support and executive search


  • Understanding impact, reach and the value of public investments

  • Targeted research for responsive and visionary public policy

The Arts Firm offers affordable single services, mentoring packages, monthly flexible-use plans and tailored proposals.  Contact us to discover how we can help you invest in a winning opportunity or how we can help you prepare to tackle a challenge head-on.